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Player and PC Notebooks

For now I have made link to pages to get the Wiki started with your characters. Use the Character link pages to fill in any character background or biographic information and feel free to link between each other and add new pages if you have enough information to warrant it. I recommend making “Last Time On…” page with all the information we talked about your character knowing at the beginning of the game. If you miss anything crucial I will add it later and give you a note about it. For now please don’t look at the other players pages since you have not yet met to exchange information. Thanks!

Dungeon Master’s Notebook

PC Bios and In-Game Info.

  • Lothar (Goliath Barbarian; Striker)
  • Dwenvyr (Human Ranger; Striker)
  • Anardulian (Eladrin Wizard; Controler)
  • Brundis (Shadowtouched Bard; Leader)
  • Erevan (Eladrin Swordmage; Defender)

Player Notebooks

NPCs of Note

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Peoples and Cultures

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