Lothar was born to Quldech and B’elsegh during a long hunting excursion in the mountains north of Pandec Forest. Raised by his parents and the rest of the Owl clan, Lothar quickly learned to be a self-sustaining hunter and forager. It was on a hunting trip not unlike the one he was born during that Lothar successfully killed a bear by himself, thus earning his name. Through the years he managed to gain no small amount of renown within his clan.

Eventually, the elders and shaman of all the Goliath tribes started to receive terrible visions of war and destruction stretching up from the south to engulf the north lands. These visions were so haunting that it was decided there should be a contest at the next gathering of the clans to decide who among the clans should undertake a journey to the south to investigate the cause of these vision, and to put a stop to the horrible fate thought to be looming over the heads of the Goliath people.

The contest was a gladiatorial match in which a champion was chosen from each clan, Lothar himself being chosen by the Owl clan. These champions were then pitted against one another in a brutal battle to unconsciousness. When the contest was over Lother stood victorious. As a reward for his prowess, he was handed a Mordenkrad which the Goliaths as a community had commissioned to be created by a neighboring group of Dwarves whom they had had close dealings with in the past. He then left his homeland for the south in order to fulfill his quest.

It was not long after his journey began that Lothar was assaulted by a Frost Wyrm. Feeling a sense of invulnerability after his success in the contest, Lother decided to see the fight out to its end; a decision that would cause his right femur and hips to be shattered. The Wyrm proved to be too much for Lothar. A mysterious ranger, whom Lothar would come to know as Bertilak Truebow stepped in and rescued Lothar from certain death.

After a long period of unconsciousness, Lothar awoke in the town of Aldarins End. He had been nursed back to health by Eller Hamfast and his wife Allomae Hamfast. In spite of his natural aversion to civilization, Lothar’s honor obligated him to do odd jobs around the Hamfest farmstead in order to repay their kindness. Since learning that Allomae is pregnant, Lothar has been carving a totem (an item used in his culture as a manner of identification prior to naming) for the as yet unborn child.

During his stay at the Hamfast residence, Lothar reacquainted himself with a young human ranger by the name of Dwenvyr, who was Bertilak’s apprentice. Not long thereafter, a diplomatic envoy from Marikest made up of two Eladrin (Anardulian and Erevan) arrived in Aldarins End. Shortly after everyone sat down for dinner at the Hamfast a disturbance outside caught the attention of the young adventurers. Lothar stayed back to protect the Hamfasts should something go wrong. Dwenvyr and company came back in with a Shadowtouched bard by the name of Brundis. Brundis revealed that he was a member of the criminal organization known as the Red Fists, and informed everyone of his mission to track down members of the Blight.

While everyone was discussing Brundis’ story, another disturbance outside led to a battle between the adventurers and a group of villains. The battle caused the Hamfast barn to catch fire. Aided by Eller, the group was able to extinguish the fire, and returned to the farmhouse only to find that Allomae had been kidnapped. Swearing an oath of vengeance, Lothar and crew headed into the mountains in search of Allomae and her captors. Lothar’s tracking and familiarity with mountainous regions proved to be invaluable, as did his abilities as a warrior for many battles were fought along the way.

The trail ran cold at the edge of another mountain, requiring Ana and Erevan to use their magical acumen to open an arcane portal. Lothar then embarked down the entrance that appeared in hopes mercilessly slaughtering Allomae’s captors and returning her to Eller.


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