Eller Hamfast

Eller Hamfast is the husband of Allomae Hamfast. He is a kind, careing, and honorable young man with a bright sense of optimisim and adventure who moved with his wife and three other families to Aldarins End when reconstruction of the Brightsteel Marches finished five years ago. Since then he has worked dutifully to build and expand his small community and though only twenty seven he has quickly become the de facto leader of Aldarins End. His love and loyalty to his community, his wife, and his (soon to be born!) child are unquestioned; his dedication and commitment unmatched.

Eller toils endlessly to maintain order in his community and works endlessly on his small farm in the untamed wilderness. He is one of the few men of Aldarins End Bertilak Truebow associates with concerning matters of security of the small hamlet, and though extremely busy with the duties of his farm and the obligation to tend to his wife Eller still finds time to discuss matters of bussiness in Aldarins End with various representatives from the wild lands in the north and envoys from Marikest.

Two weeks ago, Bertilak showed up in the dead of the night along with his associate, a young rugged man known only as Dwenvyr and an uncontious Goliath, who they later came to know was called Lothar. Bertilak had rescued the clans man from a viscious attack by a Frost Wyrm, though not before Lothar had been severly injured, breaking both his right femur and hip.

Bertilak was able to set the bone, and use magic potions in order to keep the Goliath from dieing but he was still weakened. Bertilak asked Eller if he would take care of the Goliath and tend to him untill he could return two weeks hence to check in with him.

Since then the bold and stuborn Goliath has been a welcome addition to the farm as he rebuilds his strength. Lothar insisted in helping in anyway he could to repay the Hamfast’s kindness, and was a convienient help as Allomae reaches the end stages of her pregnancy.

Eller Hamfast

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