Brundis Tome was born to a poor human couple in the outskirt projects of Marikest that later branched out due to rapid expansion and over population an area of Marikest ironically called “New Town”. At the age of fifteen Brundis was abandoned by his drunk of a father after his mother had died due to a case of Battlebriar Flu and soon turned to a life of crime just to survive. Soon after his mother’s death he was offered a job as a small time crook for the Red Fists, the local gang run by Andrin the Bloody Fist.

Slowly climbing the ranks of the Red Fist, Brundis was charged with the task of retrieving several sacred spells from the restricted sections of the Marikest Library. After being spotted by the guard he was arrested by the Shadowhand and sent to Amnesterra. Repeatedly having his soul stripped from his body and put into a new slightly off clone Brundis clung onto any semblance of his former self by softly singing the tune his mother sang to him before kissing him goodnight. After 5 years of continuous torture Brundis was freed along with all the other inmates by Bertilak Truebow and his fellow adventurers. By the age of 25 Brundis Tome was homeless, broken, and completely alone.

Brundis spent the next 15 years slowly piecing back together the life he once had. Living on the streets of Marikest he acquired a lute and soon learned how to inspire others not to give up with the magic of his music. Though dreary in tone his music urged his fellow vagrants to persevere even in the hardest of times.

Finally after 15 years of wondering the streets of Marikest, he was recognized by one of his old bosses, and he was instantly pressed into working for the Red Fist yet again. For five years Brundis returned to his life of thievery, growing weary with each passing day, he didn’t seem to have the energy he once had and the thrill of the chase no longer excited him, he was numb in a bleak, numb world.

The Red Fists quickly realized that Brundis’ talents were better spent in arcane research, and in the stolen scrolls codexes Brundis honed his arcane skills. Over the last few months the higher leadership seemed to grow increasingly obsessed with a seemingly forgotten patch of land far to the north of Marikest at the the of the Brightsteel Marches an area known as Aldarins End.

Brundis, along with several other members of the gang was tasked with studying the history of the area and with spying on the Blight’s sudden interest in the region as well. When he reported that several members of The Blight of New Town had left under cover of dark heading north to Aldarins End the decision seemed swift. Brundis was to track them as far as he could and bring back reports of their actions in the north.

Following the trail of The Blight, Brundis made his way to Aldarins End. However strong snow storms and impassible mountains caused him to lose the trail as well as run desperately low on supplies. Brundis located a small farm house several miles south of an area commonly referred to as Aldarins Fall. While spying on the young couple and their giant farmhand, Brundis quickly realized that it was a choice of life or death. He was well suited for providing for himself in the city but the wildlands of the north were another story. It was either reveal himself and live or stay in the cold and freeze. Putting his well being first, Brundis sought shelter with the couple and their giant. Damning the Red Fist for sending him on such a suicidal mission he decided to inform the Hamfasts of his purpose for trespassing on their land and to warn them of the possible danger about to befall Aldarins End.

Brundis’ Songbook


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