Anardulian Argoslin del Marikest (or Ana, as she prefers) is the adopted daughter of Argos kel Marikest, has spent most of her life among the aristocracy of the ever growing town. Ana is aware that before her memory, she had been rescued from a dire situation, but she quickly learned to stop asking questions after receiving the answer “It is best you do not recall that time” from her father many times. Ana took to wizardry quickly, which pleased her father, but Ana herself was unhappy. Her parents marriage was failing, and the people of Marikest were cold toward her for several reasons. The only Eladrin in a town wary of her kind, Ana often felt out of place. A fairly perceptive child, she quickly learned that you could not trust a person’s words, for their actions told a great deal more about their feelings. Growing up, she often felt a tug of longing for the Feywild she had never learned to know. The growing dissent against Argos’ rule of Marikest weighed heavily on Ana’s conflicted mind. She understood the people’s frustration, but felt powerless to do anything.

Unhappy and bored, Ana convinced Argos that it was a waste to keep her confined to Marikest’s borders. What reason did he have for teaching her the art of wizardry if he expected her to stay in one place where she could not exercise her knowledge further? After further encouragement from Ana’s mother, Argos allowed Ana to begin diplomatic missions to outlying settlements to aid Marikest’s expansion…though with specific instructions to avoid New Town. Unfortunately she was not able to obtain the freedom she had hoped for, since Argos had hired a bodyguard to assist her on these fairly mundane missions. The only redeeming quality of this development was that her bodyguard was a fellow Eladrin. Ana’s excitement at meeting another of her race did not meet her expectations, for she did not feel as comfortable with Erevan as she had originally hoped. Perhaps she was not meant for either the Feywild or the world of Marikest. Then where is she meant to be? So far her excursions to Aldarin’s End, meant to determine when the area was suitable to support more expansion, had not done much to help her find the answer to this question.

Ana decided that it will be more than a simple diplomatic endeavor, though she is still unsure of what she hopes to accomplish. As she and Erevan set out on clear winter day, she felt that perhaps this time would be different than the normal dry politics and forced pleasantry she had grown accustomed to encountering both at home and on the road.

Session I:

After arriving at the home of the Hamfasts, a small but growing family of settlers, tragedy quickly struck and Ana became part of an adventure far greater than a typical diplomatic mission. Lothar, a large man from the mountains and obviously of barbaric origin proved to be helpful in phsyical pursuits. The addition of a strange looking man from New Town, however, keeps Ana’s guard up. Despite his help during the difficult journey to find Allomae Hamfast, his most likely dubious origins, and his refusal to remove his gloves has made Ana bristle…his appearance does remind her of Bertilak, a friend of her father’s from older days. Still, she is quicker to trust Dwenvyr, the excitable but reliable apprentice of Bertilak, whom she has met on previous diplomatic endeavors…though she had never heard him speak before. Interesting, since he had much to say, even if most of it was simply jovial greetings. Not the impression she would have expected from someone trained by a dark and brooding ranger. After the hard journey through worsening weather, Ana, along with help from Erevan, managed to continue the pursuit when it seemed they had come to an impasse. Unfortunately, this now means that the entire party is underground with no apparent way out, and the earth has been rumbling with greater intensity as time passes…


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