Albier Dwenethryn

A Dark Night on the Farm...
Session 1 Recap (5-24-09)

The snow swirled lightly as Lothar the Barbarian of the End-North finshed chopping the wood to heat the food and warm the home of his strange new hosts. The steam from his sweat poured in a cloud around him as the dim twilight settled on the darkening plain. Lothar sensed that the weather was about to take a turn for the worse, and the throbing of his still healing hip and leg betold of a change in the weather. Though he yearned to rejoin his clansmen on the plains and mountains of the north, he would be happy of the roof of the Hamfasts this night.

As the great grey giant lifted the last of the wood into place his eye caught a dim figure of a ranger skirting the edge of the farm and approaching the farm house…


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