We must understand the past to go into the future; the future is what makes the past worthwhile

Welcome to Albier Dwenethryn. The world has been lost. The heroes of yesterday so quickly fade into mere memory and ill begotten legend. Now, the world has begun to turn once again and the earth begs for new heroes to rise to defend it once again… Albier Dwenethryn is a 4th-edition Dungeons and Dragons game played as a sequel to the events of the 3.X D&D game focusing on the villian Hever Amneheld and the city of Marikest. Twenty long years have past since the heroes of Marikest saved the Pandec Forest, and dethroned Hever and the Shadowhands. Penetrating the iron clad shadow over Marikest. Now, a chance gathering of five fresh heroes, each with a spark of destiny before them, must forge a head and seek the destiny which awaits them…

Again welcome to the game, feel free to make notes as you see fit and add to the wiki. Also watch the adventure log for notes and an ongoing chronical of the game. To edit the Wiki go here. There is some more helpful info there.

—amharms [DM]

Albier Dwenethryn

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